Hi, we thought we would  thank suppliers that do good work by giving them recognition here, nothing fancy just our own personal experiences of products – personally I love high quality but reliable products that give me trouble free service..basically it needs to deliver on meeting my expectations… which are unreasonably high but it’s my money so why not!  By the way Jason we love your work! WE LOVE THIS GUY awesome new book!!!!

Also PBNs you shouldn’t do them they probably wont work and will probably be more work than they are worth so just don’t  BUT if you must do wrong then do it right huh?

Here goes…

SEO Fitness Workbook: 2018 Edition: The Seven Steps to Search Engine Optimization Success on Google N/A
The Fifteen-Minute WordPress Blog (2017): How to Start & Set-Up Your SEO Optimized WordPress Site in 15 Minutes or Less…from Start to Finish N/A
WORDPRESS SEO and PRIVATE BLOG NETWORK training bundle: Wordpress website creation and building private blog networks N/A
"Wordpress" - 30 Hours of Video Tutorial Training N/A